Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar


 Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar reduces range of services
Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar reduces range of services


Recently, the Rostock-Wismar Student Union received the news that, contrary to expectations, firmly planned - and urgently needed - state subsidies for 2024 have been canceled at short notice. This mainly concerns coronavirus aid, both for 2024 and retroactively for 2023. We therefore have to make do with fewer financial resources than expected and also make up the financial shortfall from our own resources. This development presents us with serious challenges. Further subsidies required in the longer term are also at risk of being discontinued from 2026.

We want to continue to fulfill our legal mandate to ensure that students are provided with meals that meet their needs - in all service areas (dining halls, halls of residence and social services) at all locations. This includes, in particular, an affordable food supply for students at every campus. A further gradual increase in meal prices for students of up to 1 euro per portion is therefore currently not an option - this is how much would be needed to cover the deficit caused by the subsidy cut in 2025. It was therefore necessary to find short-term solutions and implement them as quickly as possible. These are now manifesting themselves in the form of initial benefit cuts. We did not take the decision lightly:

1) Mensa E1nstein will not open with a vegan-vegetarian menu as planned, but will now remain permanently closed.

2) Mensa Süd will no longer be open on Saturdays from April 1, 2024

3) The discount of 10 cents granted when paying with the Mensa Card will also be discontinued from April 1, 2024

4) An existing position in the area of social counseling will be abolished as of July 1, 2024

5) Financial and socio-cultural support services in the area of social services will be cut until further notice.

We regret this development, especially in light of the fact that during the challenging pandemic and crisis years, it was possible to support the Rostock-Wismar Student Union and thus the students by providing additional financial resources. We are very grateful to the state government for this. Under the current circumstances, however, we have no other option but to restrict our range of services.

We hope that the ongoing consequences of the pandemic and the energy crisis will also be taken into account in the provision of support services by the state in the long term. It is therefore now important to work together with the Ministry of Finance and Science, universities and students in a timely manner to find solutions as to how we can continue to maintain and finance the provision of services to students in line with their needs.

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!


Dear students, university staff and partners

From March 29, 2024 up to and including April 1, 2024, we will be taking our Easter break. This affects all facilities including the canteens. We look forward to welcoming you back from April 2, 2024.

We wish you, your families and friends a happy Easter and relaxing holidays.

Your Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar

Announcement video contest - main prize: 500,00 Euro
Announcement video contest - main prize: 500,00 Euro


With the 30th anniversary of the East German student unions we have looked back on the last 30 years, now we want to look into the future!

The motto of the video competition is:

"Prospects...! How do you imagine your Studierendenwerk of the future?"

Get creative and show us with a short video how you see the future of the Studierendenwerk or what you would like to see from us in the future. Only vegan dining halls, everything digital, or studying without money problems? The interpretation is entirely up to you. We are happy about every contribution!

The videos can be submitted online in the period from 01.11.2021 to 30.11.2021. The length of the video should be about one minute. The entire spectrum of video work is permitted: Cell phone film, animation or multimedia contributions are permitted. The videos can also be submitted as a team. Prizes will be awarded to places 1 to 10 by an expert jury. The three best videos will be awarded a cash prize of 500 euros (1st place), 300 euros (2nd place) and 200 euros (3rd place). The prizes for 4th to 10th place are 100 euros each.

Further information can be found here:

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact:  

Semester fee
Semester fee


The Semester fee has to be payed by all Students in Rostock and Wismar. The fee is deposit from the university and is included in the registration fee of the university. The payment of the fee ensures the scope of service as

  • lower-priced food in Mensa and Cafeteria of Studentenwerk
  • lower-priced living in halls of residence of Studentenwerk
  • free consultation in Studentenwerk

It is a non revisable fee, even if the student do not make use of the service of Studentenwerk Rostock.

The semester fee is 65 € at the moment.