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Relevo returnable system in all refectories as of 19.01.2022
Relevo returnable system in all refectories as of 19.01.2022


Our cafeterias are taking another step toward sustainability: From now on, reusable tableware from the provider "Relevo" will be available in all our cafeterias. Relevo relies on a lending system via app, in which fees are charged for the dishes per lending. The rental fee for a reusable cup is 15 cents, and 25 cents for one of the reusable bowls. This makes the reusable system even cheaper than our disposable packaging made from renewable or recycled raw materials. Our disposable tableware, for which Relevo offers reusable alternatives, will gradually disappear from our dining halls. We will still use up the old stock and then switch completely to Relevo. Of course, you can still bring your own dishes and the transfer stations will remain as well.

To give you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the Relevo system, checkout is free until 02/02/2022!

Here's how Relevo works:

1. download app

To use Relevo, you need to download the free Relevo app and register there. Don't be surprised: you'll need to enter payment information in the app. However, as long as you return the dishes to us within the 14-day period, your account will not be charged.

2. take away food / drinks.

Come to our dining halls as usual and take your food and drinks in a Relevo tray or Relevo cup instead of disposable packaging.

3. scan

Use your Relevo app to scan the QR code on the dish and show the scan confirmation at the dining hall checkout. You can also scan multiple containers in a row.

4. enjoy

Enjoy your dining hall meal without packaging waste and with a clear conscience where you want.

5. return

Return dishes to the refectory of your choice or another Relevo partner within 14 days. At the dish return desk in the refectories, there is a return QR code that you first need to scan. Then you can select the reusable dishes and cups you want to return in the app. You then place the dishes in the dish return as usual.

Still have questions about the Relevo system? Then take a look at the FAQs on our website: Relevo FAQ

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Fastest with MENSA -CARD
Fastest with MENSA -CARD


To avoid long response times, pay with the MENSA - CARD simply, conveniently and cash-free. 

The MENSA - CARD can be rented at all tills in all of our Canteens and cafeterias of the Studentenwerkes Rostock.


What´s the Mensa – Card ?

- contactless payment, rechargeable card

- quickly payment

- no retention of personal data contained


Where else do you get the Mensa – Card ?

- the rental is possible on all tills of canteens and cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Rostock

- the card value is for Studenten und Employees of the University 10 €, of which balances 5 € and rental fee 5 €

- the card value is for Guests 15 €, of which balances 10 € and rental fee 5 €

- in case of Return of the unbroken card will the remaining credits be given back to you 

- The Mensa – Card remain the property of Studentenwerkes Rostock. Please notice the number of the card - it´s easier to look for it if it´s lost, if you know the number of the card!


What requirements have to be met?

- STUDENTS of Universität Rostock / Rostock University of Music and Drama and University of Applied Sciences Technology, Business and Design Wismar– certification of enrolment / Semesterausweis /Studentenausweis

- Employees of Universität Rostock / Rostock University of Music and Drama and University of Applied Sciences Technology, Business and Design Wismar – Mitarbeiterkarte / Mitarbeiterausweis / Dienstausweis der Universität / Hochschule

- Guest –no special requirements


Card revaluation ?

- upgrading/card refill is possible on the automat in all canteens and cafeterias of Studentenwerk Rostock

- with paper backnote z.B. 5 €, 10 €, 20 € …

- no limitation of credit


Card lost...what happens ?

- Please ask in the canteen.