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Reusable bowls

Reusable dishes from Relevo - from 19.01.2022

The most sustainable way to take away your canteen food is reusable dishes. We use Relevo reusable dishes in our canteens. The reusable dishes are inexpensive, easy to use and good for the environment.

The rental fee for a reusable cup is 15 cents, and there is a 25-cent charge for one of the bowls. This makes the reusable system even cheaper than our disposable packaging made from renewable or recycled raw materials. Our disposable tableware, for which Relevo offers reusable alternatives, will gradually disappear from our dining halls. We will still use up the old stock and then switch completely to Relevo.

Here's how Relevo works:

1. download the app

To use Relevo, you'll need to download the free Relevo app and register there. Don't be surprised: You'll need to enter payment information in the app. However, as long as you return the dishes to us within the 14-day period, there is no charge.

2. take away food

Come to our dining halls and take your drink or food with you in Relevo's high-quality reusable dishes.

3. scan

Scan the QR code on the dishes and show the scan confirmation at the dining hall cashier. You can also scan multiple containers in a row.

4. enjoy

Enjoy your dining hall meal without packaging waste and with a clear conscience where you want.

5. return

Return dishes to the dining hall of your choice or another Relevo partner within 14 days. At the dish return desk in the dining halls, there is a return QR code that you need to scan and select your returned bowls and cups. Then, you simply place the dishes in the dish return.

Relevo FAQ

1. Why do I need to register and what happens to my personal data?

Registration in the app is necessary to borrow the Relevo dishes. Without the app, the dishes could not be scanned and deposited in the app. The Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar does not collect or have access to any personal data in the process. The data or payment details must be deposited if the dishes are not returned within 14 days. If the dishes are not returned on time, Relevo will charge €10 for a bowl and €5 for a cup, which will then be considered as purchased. Otherwise, there are no further charges via the app.

2. How is Relevo's payment data stored? Is it secure?

Relevo works with so-called PSPs (Payment Service Providers), such as PayPal and does not store any payment information itself, only the respective PSP. This is also evident from Relevo's T&Cs and privacy policy. Relevo only works with PSPs that comply with DSGVO standards and encrypt and store data according to the highest standards.

3. Where and when can I return my borrowed bowls/cups?

The borrowed Relevo dishes can be returned within 14 days in every refectory of the Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar, within the opening hours at the return station by scanning the QR code or at all other participating partners. (there are no others in Rostock so far).

If it is not possible to return the bowl/cup within 14 days then the 14 days can be extended for free by 5 days in the Relevo App.

4. Is there anything I need to consider before returning my borrowed Relevo dishes?

If the rented dishes are returned the same day, they do not need to be washed beforehand.

If it is returned after more than one day, please wash/rinse it once beforehand to prevent mold or hardened food residue from forming and to make it easy and clean for us to clean.

5. Can friends or colleagues also return my Relevo Bowl/Cup for me?

Yes, through the "Friend Return" feature, this is possible. For this, Relevo dishes need to be transferred to another Relevo user in the app. To do this, he/she scans the bowl/cup being returned and confirms "yes" to the Friend Return question in the app.

6. Are Relevo Bowls and Cups microwave and dishwasher safe?

Relevo Bowls and Cups can be placed in the dishwasher. If the lid is removed beforehand, the dishes can also be used in the microwave.

7. What are my alternatives if I do not want to use Relevo dishes?

During the transition period, you still have the option of purchasing disposable packaging. Otherwise, you can bring your own bowls as usual and use them at the transfer stations.

8. Can I also buy the Relevo Bowl/Cup?

No - they cannot be purchased directly at the checkout. However, it is possible to deliberately not return the Relevo dishes after the 14 days and Relevo will automatically charge €10 or €5 and the bowl/cup will be considered purchased.

9. What material is Relevo tableware made of?

The bowls and cups are made of SAN (styrene acrylonitrile copolymer) material - which is particularly strong and scratch resistant - making it perfect as a reusable material and will last a long time before needing to be recycled. The lids are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers).

Bring your own reusable containers

You can still bring your own reusable containers. However, due to the current increased hygiene regulations, it is unfortunately not possible for us to fill your food directly into the takeaway box at the serving counter. Please have your food put on a plate first and then fill it into your containers at our reusable stations.