Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar


Fairtrade offer

Not only are fair tea and coffee specialties available in our refectories, but chocolate and cocoa products with the FAIRTRADE seal have also found a place in our dining halls.
Our regular FAIRTRADE suppliers in our refectories include Geb. Westhoff GmbH & Co. KG and GEPA mbH.

Lemonades from Lemonaid Beverages

The manufacturer from St. Pauli produces the lemonades called "LemonAid" from fresh juice as well as the "ChariTeas" from freshly brewed tea, both from fair trade. The selected ingredients are 100% organically grown and come from certified small farmers who are paid fairly. With every bottle sold, 5 cents supports development cooperation projects through Lemonaid & Charitea e.V. More information:

Coffee & Tea from Gebr. Westhoff GmbH & Co. KG

For our coffee machines we exclusively use coffee from Gebr. Westhoff. The coffee and tea varieties from Gebrüder Westhoff are fair trade and of the highest quality. The company follows strict standards for FAIRTRADE certification, which promotes the sustainable development of producer communities in developing countries in Central and Central America, as well as the environmentally friendly cultivation of raw materials. In addition, Gebr. Westhoff's coffees have BIO quality. More information:

Tea from GEPA mbH

The GEPA teas are from fair tea trade. The manufacturer rejects genetic engineering on principle. The tea bags are packed in aroma protection foils made from mainly renewable raw materials. The company supports small tea farmers in building up their tea trade and, as a partner of Tea Promoters India (TPI), actively promotes fair and ecological tea trade worldwide. More information:


Rostock would also like to be recertified as a Fairtrade University. However, some requirements have to be fulfilled in order to do so. First, the university resolution must approve the process of recertification. Furthermore, a steering group consisting of a representative of the student body, the university administration and the catering/sales department will be created. The student union ecotrophologist will be the representative for food service. Finally, further requirements for the realization of events, media and public relations and the sale of FAIRTRADE products have to be fulfilled. The sale of FAIRTRADE products in the refectories and at events is implemented by the Studierendenwerk. Some of the required events will be hosted by the dining halls themselves. If the requirements of the above points are met, the recertification can be implemented.