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termination of rental contract

You would like to terminate your tenancy agreement for the dormitory room?

1. The tenant's early termination is only possible in written form and signed by hand. Special notice periods apply:

a.    Termination with a notice period of 8 (eight) weeks to the end of the month, if the exmatriculation certificate can be presented.
b.    Cancellation with a notice period of 4 (four) weeks to the end of the month if a tenancy agreement has been concluded with a new tenant who is suitable according to the allocation guideline and who immediately follows the tenancy to be terminated. This person must be entitled to live there and may not already live in one of our halls of residence (relocation). The landlord decides whether the person is suitable as a new tenant on the basis of the allocation guideline. In the case of same-sex flat-sharing communities, only the same sex may become a new tenant.
c.    A fee of currently 30 EUR is charged according to the catalogue of fees and services.


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