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termination of rental contract

You want to cancel your rental contract for the dormitory room?

Please note the following:

The early termination of the tenant before the end of the contractually agreed rental period is possible if:

a) The tenant submits a de-registration and because of this the right to live in the dormitory is cancelled. The termination is accepted at the end of the semester in which the de-registration was pronounced. Proof of the de-registration must be submitted. The tenant is obliged to notify the landlord of the termination of his studies, for whatever reason, within a period of two weeks. The loss of the right to reside does not give the tenant the right to terminate the contract before the end of the semester in which the right to reside ceased to exist.

Please note: If we do not know about the de-registration 14 days before the end of the semester, the contract will continue for at least another month or until the conclusion of a contract with a new tenant!

b) The tenant provides a new tenant. This new tenant must be eligible to live, i.e. must have a certificate of study from one of the universities we support. The new tenant must not be contractually bound to a place of residence in one of the landlord's halls of residence. The tenant can only propose new tenants if there are no regular applicants for a place in the dormitory. For the conclusion of the contract the allocation guidelines for dormitory places of the landlord are binding. The termination is accepted with four weeks to the end of the month immediately following the new letting.

If the tenancy is terminated prematurely and thus not in due time by the tenant, a fee of 30.00 € will be charged for the expenses incurred by the landlord. This fee is due upon return of the rental object and will be offset against the deposit. If an offsetting is not possible, the tenant will transfer the money to the account of the Studierendenwerk within four weeks after the end of the contract, stating the rental number. Payment of the fee does not cancel or prematurely terminate the rental contract.

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