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General procedure of accommodation requests

There are many more applications than free places in Rostock, so please read the following information carefully! Enrolment of University means not garantee of place in dormitory.

Students of the university Rostock apply from 01.04. on, of the universities of Wismar from 01.03. of the year for the coming winter semester, from 1.10. or 1.09. for the summer semester in the following year. We work according to the date of receipt of the application. The later the application is received, the worse are the chances to get a place. The awarding begins with the 15.06. for the location Wismar and the 15.7. for the location Rostock for the coming winter semester. The waiting period for a place to live in Rostock is 3 to 6 months, in Wismar usually a maximum of 1 to 3 months. Please submit only one application for a place to live - Multiple applications do not advance the waiting list!

...are entitled to apply...

Students of the University of Rostock, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock, Hochschule Wismar and Seefahrtsschule Wismar. The application will be processed if you can upload a letter of admission or a certificate of enrolment at the time of application. The certificate of enrolment must be submitted at latest to the date of signing the contract.

We don´t have special rooms for guest-students. Short-term-contract less than 6 monthes are not possibile in winter semester.

If you are not 18 years old at the beginning of your rental contract, please note this in your application under “Hinweise” (Comment/Hints).

As soon as your online application is sent to us you’ll receive an email of acknowledgement. Normaly we start on 15th of july with the assignment of places. You get answer before the semester is started -wheter a cancellation or once there is a room available you’ll be sent an offer via email.

Applications are processed in order of their receipt. Deviating of this process, we can assign rooms in exceptional cases to preferred applicants who can prove a special reason. Those applicants must submit a written justification in which the special urgency is thoroughly explained. All important details must be confirmed by corresponding proof.

You can only file one application for an accommodation of the Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar. The number of the waiting list will be given in the order of the application arrive.

Together with the email containing the offer for a room you’ll receive the rental contract, the general rental conditions, as well as the house rules. Please mind the deadline when sending the signed rental contract back to us. If you are not able to submit prove of your admittance by that time please hand those in later.

If you don’t send the forms back to us in time the offer will expire and you won’t receive a new one. You loose your place on waiting list!

Please note: The rental contract is only valid when we signed it too. This will only happen once we have received your proof of matriculation "Studienbescheinigung". As soon as we send the signed contract back to you, you’ll receive all needed information about moving in.

Please inform us immediately if you are no longer in need of an accommodation. One other important thing: All rooms - also single-apartments - may only be used by one person. Subletting is not allowed.

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