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internet and telephone

Data network (LAN connection)

In each room of the dormitories of the Studierendenwerk there is a network socket (only one of the two ports is active) to connect to the dormitory network. This does not have a direct connection to the Internet. To establish an internet connection from the dormitory, a VPN connection to the university network is required. To use the VPN service, the Cisco AnyConnect client is required and the corresponding access data is needed. The access data are respectively the user IDs and passwords provided by the university. Depending on the university, you can obtain the Cisco AnyConnect Client in different ways:

Students of the University of Rostock
Students of the University of Wismar

Students of hmt Rostock

Alternatively you can use another VPN client: OpenConnect

Open the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client and enter the server name of your dormitory location in the "Connect" field:

VPN server name Rostock dorms:
VPN server name dormitories Wismar:
Then click the button "Connect". Then enter your central user ID of your university in the field "Username". In the field "Password" enter the corresponding password and click the button "OK".

WLAN connection

The university network "eduroam" is used for the residence halls. Only students who have a university access account can access the WLAN network. On the page of your university you will find detailed instructions on how to log in to the WLAN network "eduroam":

University of Rostock
University of Wismar
hmt Rostock
The following student residences already have WLAN access:

Additionally, there is a LAN connection in most of the dormitories of the Studierendenwerk.

Technical Support

In case of problems with the internet connection in the dormitories, please contact our IT partner VARNObit directly:

VARNObit GbR (for the dormitories in Rostock) (for the dormitories in Wismar)

Thomas-Mann-Strasse 12
18055 Rostock
+49 (0) 381 252-786 43

Your person to turn to