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Wismar - Friedrich-Wolf-Str. 25

 - Wismar - Friedrich-Wolf-Str. 25
Address: Friedrich-Wolf-Str. 25
23966 Wismar
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The dormitory Friedrich-Wolf-Straße with 210 seats is located in the residential area Friedenshof, relatively close to the university. We offer single room in apartments with shower / WC for 2-3 persons. For shared use storey kitchens for 3 to 5 people. The kitchens are cleaned by the cleaning service - the rooms and bathrooms NOT. In front of the dormitory parking for cars can be rented in addition to the favorable student price. The bike finds the right place on one of the outdoor shelves. On the ground floor of the residence there is a laundry area with washing machines and dryers available. Cable TV and data network access are included in the price.

The rent includes cold rent and all utilities. All seats are designed for use by one person. Subletting and temporary use are not permitted.

Wohnplatzvergabe: Jennifer Grona

Following types of dormitories are available:

„Single room with shared kitchen and bathroom (1 person)“

 - Wismar - Friedrich-Wolf-Str. 25


  • washing-station with slot machine for washing charges
  • Pitch can be rented additionally on site
  • furnished room
  • Community Chat kitchen
  • Bicycles outside
  • data network



Monthly rent
268,00€ bis 308,00€

Currently free: 0

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Janine  Hansen
Janine Hansen
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